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Wednesday, 12th July 2017
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Kawerau District Council (Council Chambers)
Ranfurly Court, Kawerau


Interviews have now taken place for the 2017 intake of young people wishing to represent the Kawerau Youth Council.

Interviews were undertaken with Constable George Westerman, Councillors Berice Julian and Sela Kingi assisting the Youth Projects Officer (John James Rika).

All 17 young people interviewed have been offered places on this year’s Youth Council.

Official meetings scheduled for 2017

  • Mar-14th Tuesday 4.30pm – Swearing in Ceremony
  • Apr-12th Wednesday 3.30pm
  • May-10th Wednesday 3.30pm
  • Jun-14th Wednesday 3.30pm
  • Jul-12th Wednesday 3.30pm
  • Aug-9th Wednesday 3.30pm
  • Sept-13th Wednesday 3.3pm
  • Oct-11th Wednesday 3.30pm
  • Nov-8th Wednesday 3.30pm
For more information, contact John James Rika (Youth Projects Officer) - Phone: 073069009